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What happened at the Longmont Foods Co. processing plant?  

known for unbelievably low prices, and the “freshest” “meat” and “poultry” products on the front range. The Longmont Foods Co. crown jewel was the central poultry processing facility in Longmont. With state of the art upgrades in the 1950’s the Longmont Foods Co. could keep “grinding” away at people prices. During its heyday, the plant could process more “meat like” product than any other facility in the country.  But something wasn’t right. 

Just as reports of missing persons, and suspicions began to rise, the deliveries stopped suddenly. The factory was found empty and abandoned… Read the full legend here

Step into the long abandoned Longmont Foods Co. central processing plant and find out for yourself. Will you be a CHICKEN or a Turkey?  

About The Empty Grave Haunted House

The Empty Grave Haunted House serves the greater Denver Metro area. Located near Wibby Brewing in Downtown Longmont, CO, it is a short drive from Denver proper. Our event is an immersive, interactive walk through haunted attraction servicing Adams County, Boulder County, and Weld County. The Empty Grave Haunted House puts you face to face with your fears. Your adventure will feature encounters with the menacing workers of the haunted Longmont Foods Co. turkery factory, as you attempt to survive your first night on the grave yard shift. Do you have what it takes to survive? Will you be a chicken or a turkey?