Well, that depends… how fast can you run? People handle fear differently… do you take off running when you are scared, or do to freeze? If you bolt through, chances are you wont be in very long…on the other hand if you freeze, it is going to take a fair bit longer to go through. Over the years, we have found the average time to be between 10 and 15

The Empty Grave is an immersive walk through haunted house. We feature state of the art special effects, special lighting, animatronics and live actors to provide you with a one of a kind haunted house experience that is like no other.

Come on… it is a haunted house… yes, it is scary. Wouldn’t you be pissed if it wasn’t?

Here, Here, or Here…But seriously, you can buy tickets on this website by clicking any of those links, or the links in the menu, or you can show up and buy tickets at the door when you arrive 

*please note: on busy nights, there can be a line for the ticket booth as well as for the attraction. Buying tickets online can save the wait for tickets. Front of line tickets are also available as an option during check out. 

Yes, there will be a line to get in. Early in the season, our lines are fairly short (around 15-20 minutes) but the closer it gets to halloween, the longer the lines become (sometimes several hours). That being said, if you are the impatient type, like us… you can always buy Front of the line passes during check out (Limited availability).

We take cash or all major credit cards. unfortunately, we no longer accept free hug vouchers or IOUs.

The Empty Grave is located at the Denver Premium Outlets:

13801 Grant St

Thornton, CO 80023


Weekends in October, with a few special weekdays thrown in… click HERE for a full schedule.

We do not set an age requirement… this is a parenting decisions that we feel is best left to well, your parents. Keep in mind this attraction is designed to be scary and it cannot be toned down for specific audiences. Since everyone handles fear differently, we ask you to use your best judgment when deciding weather or not to attend. We have a few monsters wandering around outside… if you can’t handle them, chances are you won’t make it inside.

$15 per person for general admission tickets. We also offer a front of the line pass so you can skip ahead of all those poor saps waiting in line. Just choose the “QUICK DEATH” option at check out.


No worries, we’ve got mops a paper towels galore…piss away!

Wow, man, we’re really sorry about that. You might want to see a doctor about that… but we’ve still got you covered, only thing is, we are making you clean that one up!

Fortunately we have a fully functioning 1977 Cadillac hearse (click for pictures) so we can get you to wherever your final destination may be. Also, we have some kick A$ insurance, so we’ll make sure you have a beautiful funeral.

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