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Please use the form below to provide us with the contact info and consent we need for you to volunteer at The Empty Grave Haunted House. 

Please note that new form must be submitted each year so that our records are accurate and up to date. 

Media Release: 

By volunteering at The Empty Grave Haunted House, I understand that my photo and likeness will be captured. I agree to the usage of my visage as it may appear in photographs and film for any and and all media including, but not limited to: Internet, Websites, Documentary Films, New Paper Articles, and, Advertisements. 

Liability Release: 

By volunteering atThe Empty Grave Haunted House, I am waving and releasing all liability from the event and it’s producers. I understand that the volunteer positions can be inherently dangerous. I understand that as a volunteer for The Empty Grave Haunted House, I will be required to attend safety training and will be responsible for safety activities in the event of an emergency. 

Volunteer Acknowledgement:

I understand the my activities at and for The Empty Grave Haunted House are on an at will and completely voluntary basis. I understand that no compensation or guarantees are being made by event or event producers.